Habitat Restoration Along the Lower Kern River,   Bakersfield, California

'field & 'dale fun run
found on the Preserve
What the land looked like before Panorama Vista Preserve and restoration work now in progress

Thanks to all who supported the first annual 'field and 'dale run and the 147 runners and walkers who participated;  the event raised $5500, which will go toward ongoing planting and maintenance expenses.  We plan a spring 2016 run, so please keep an eye out for announcements.



The Panorama Vista Preserve (PVP)  is located on both sides of the Kern River bounded by north Bakersfield on one side and Oildale, California. on the other.  The river flows gently through it all year.    It is private land held in trust for the public;  its owner is the Kern River Corridor Endowment and Holding Co.  (KRCE), a non-profit 501 (3) c entity;  its Board of Directors are unpaid volunteers.

At no time will the property be developed or altered  other than in the most minimal way consistent with the maintenance or restoration of the property as a natural area and wildlife habitat.  Revegetation projects with plants native to the region are underway as a part of the PVP's restoration mission;  to this end, the Preserve built its own plant nursery in which California native plants are being grown out for transplantation;  seeds or cuttings for the nursery come from the Preserve itself or the Kern River watershed in order to maintain genetic integrity.   These are plants which have evolved to survive in our naturally arid climate.   Although new plants need some irrigation in the beginning, they will eventually be self-sustaining.  Four major groves will have been planted by the end 2014.    

Other important  missions of the PVP are to promote scientific understanding of the Preserve's  natural resources and to provide educational opportunities for the area's school children.  Students and professors from both Bakersfield College and the California State University Bakersfield have used Panorama Vista Preserve in their studies.  The Preserve also has sponsored science camps for local middle school students;  more than 900 students attended the camps in 2014. 

The  Preserve welcomes the public to enjoy  low impact recreational activities such as walking, running, birdwatching, bicycle and horse riding.  The public is asked to not disturb the wildlife or  to damage the habitat.

Only authorized vehicles may drive on the property. 


Map with access points

Special  appreciation for support of the Preserve  goes to:

The Bakersfield Californian Foundation
California Retired Teachers Association Kern County

Interact Club, Foothill High School, Jan Graves, advisor
North Bakersfield Rotary Club
Patricia C. Brown Foundation

Colombo Construction
Covenant Coffee

Pacific Gas and Electric Nature Restoration Trust
Shell Petroleum

Kern Audubon Society
Kern County Wildlife Commission
Kern California Native Plant Society
Kern-Kaweah Chapter Sierra Club
Kern River Parkway Foundation

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
US Fish and Wildlife Service  Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service 

From time to time, families have asked that loved ones be remembered with a planting on the Preserve, and to honor their requests, plantings have been made in memory of:

STEVE HAMPSON, 1950-2007
BRICE DREWRY, 1923-2011.
ALAN BANKS 1954-2012
 son of  Beverly and  Dr. Tom Banks
Dr. TOM BANKS, 1929-2013
DICK ADAMS, 1940-2013
Kern Audubon Society

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